What Kind of Therapy Works Best For You?


In my brief flirtation with therapy a few years ago, I encountered two types of professionals, both operating in extreme ways that were very intriguing.

First came a woman who was rougher than a gym trainer, blaming me for even more things than I blame myself! She was a boots-wearing taskmaster who wanted to take me on a long journey through the dark roots that brought me to this place.

The thing is, I was already on a window ledge and hardly thought that was the kind of long-term, anguished education that was needed at that point!

Besides, I already knew what dark roots brought me here. As Neely O’Hara poignantly says in Valley of the Dolls, “What do I do about it?”

Then a friend recommended a super supportive lady who was the complete opposite of the first gal. This one was a rah-rah ego booster, refusing to blame me for anything bad that had come my way, and though I appreciated the effort, my inner self-loather refused to relax enough to accept her wisdoms.

So I stopped. For now.

But what works best for you? A tough-love therapist or a cheerleader captain? Or is there some middle ground that’s reasonably priced?