Yes Indeed, Jay-Z and Will/Jada Pinkett Smith Have Hitched Their Wagons To The Fela Kuti Musical, Or, More Accurately, Vice Versa


After weeks of idle rumors, rampant speculation, and, undoubtedly, fervent prayers, three stars way way bigger than anyone actually performing in Fela! will take their place on the marquee and will, in fact, attend Opening Night festivities next Monday, November 23. The TKTS booth will probably not help you get into this.

The Fela! team has been eagerly (and perhaps a bit impatiently) waiting for this for quite awhile now: Given the positive effect ?uestlove’s passionate proselytizing had on last year’s off-Broadway version, you might imagine that this new trio gives the production (featuring Brooklyn Afrobeat killers Antibalas as the house band) a bit more shine than is enjoyed by, say, Ragtime. Which can only be a good thing, because Fela! is frankly pretty awesome. More (much, much more) on this in, like, 24 hours.