Blowfly+Anal Cunt


Easily the most inspired booking of the week, the Knitting Factory brings together the twin totems of vulgarity, a double bill of swear-laden, fluid-soaked low-jinks that seems to exist only to annoy Tipper Gore. A legend to dirty rappers everywhere, Blowfly was doing triple-X soul parodies as early as 1973—though his last album tackled punk rock in a way that could make GG Allin blush (see the Clash rip “Should I Fuck This Big Fat Ho?”). Anal Cunt are notorious grindcore button-pushers who have never found a combination of ironic racism, ironic sexism, and ironic homophobia that they couldn’t turn into a 30-second blast of noxiousness. With Ninjasonik.

Sat., Nov. 21, 10:30 p.m., 2009