Congressman Shadegg (R – Flyover) Asks Bloomberg to Taste His Terror


Word is getting around about Arizona Republican Congressman John Shadegg’s displeasure at the civilian terror trials of Khalid Sheik Mohhmaned et alia, expressed in a sensational hypothetical addressed to Mayor Bloomberg, who was not present: “Well mayor, how are you going to feel when it’s your daughter is kidnapped from school?” Bloomberg had expressed confidence that New York law enforcement could handle the trials.

The Post helpfully adds that the Mayor’s “two daughters — Emma, 30, and Georgina, 26 — are grown. Neither attend school.”

To be fair, Shadegg referred to numerous persons, including bailiffs, “the jailer’s little brother” and “some innocent Clerk of the Court,” who might have daughters or sons who could conceivably be kidnapped. Shadegg also said, “I saw the Mayor of New York today said, we’re tough, we can do it,” which the Congressman apparently finds inferior to living in fear that a Die Hard plot may come to life.