Digital Train Timers Coming Soon to Bronx, Later Than Expected Elsewhere


After a season of fare hikes and complaints, the MTA is busting out the improvements. Last month the Authority announced it would start installing 150 digital train timers by the end of next year. The earliest scheduled placements were, expectedly, in premium areas, but yesteday MTA said three clocks would go up on 6 train platforms in the Bronx next month.

That’s nice, but the other clocks are now expected to go up later and at greater expense, Second Avenue Sagas finds: the December 2010 debut has been pushed back to April 2011, and the cost to equip IRT train stations has already risen from a projected $171 million to $199.6 million. The platforms not on the original list may get timers starting in 2014. “We wait for Transit to drag its 105-year-old system kicking and screaming into the 21st Century,” sighs SAS.

On the bright side, MTA plans to bring the 34th Street bus shelter timer that debuted in August to the 50th Street crosstown route, though no date has been announced.