Dirty Projectors


Despite a van crash earlier this summer, nothing could really derail Dave Longstreth and co. as they made 2009 their year, garnering mountainous critical accolades, scoring a New York cover, and even tucking Björk in among their triumvirate of ladies. No one could quite name that influence on Bitte Orca either, the band wiggling just beyond the reach of mashed-up musical metaphor. West African juju meets Ovaltine jingle? Beyoncè; having NSAs with Timbaland and David Byrne and Squeeze and, uh, Zappa? Well, after teasing NY crowds most of the year with outdoor shows of torrential downpours or their sound disappearing out over the East River, Dirty Projectors’ victory lap of four shows this week is well-deserved. With tUnE-YaRds.

Wed., Nov. 18, 8 p.m., 2009