Equal Opportunity Raiders Hit All NYC Dailies


Fear not New York Times. You are not alone!

Actually, as we type, raiders from the office of the Manhattan District Attorney’s office are busy hauling records from the distribution offices at all of the city’s major dailies, not just the old gray lady.

Investigators this morning hit the Times, the Daily News, the New York Post, and El Diario.

The source of law enforcement’s concern is that evergreen of labor racketeering schemes, the Newspaper and Mail Deliverers Union, whose offices were also being searched by investigators.

The probe, sources say, centers on allegations that the union screwed its own members by jumping seniority lists at all the city’s papers on behalf of a favored few.

Such scheming was also part of a massive probe back in 1990 by DA Morgenthau’s office that exposed a wonderful nest of mobsters and their cronies who were sipping espresso at the delivery offices of all the papers.

The story was somehow undertold by the dailies themselves (except for Newsday which doesn’t have the NMDU as its union). The Voice gave the story fuller coverage a few years later.