The Chili Takedown, the Mac and Cheese Takedown, the Fondue Takedown, the Lamb Takedown . . . the thought of attending another one of these is almost too much for our tummies to bear! Actually, on second thought, we think we may have room for tonight’s return of the Chili Takedown. We’ve written up Matt Timms, Takedown founder, as being practically a god many times, so why all the continuous praise? Because there’s simply no other food gathering in which a community of cuisine lovers can unite to celebrate the wondrous and wild recipe discoveries by amateur chefs (PBR mixed with your chili, anyone?). And as much as we’d like to stay on our oatmeal diet, we welcome the protein—and there will be plenty. The list to compete is now closed, so, we’re simply going to taste every hearty sample and help crown the newest chili champion.

Sun., Nov. 22, 4 p.m., 2009

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