Julian Plenti+I’m In You


Like Chris Gaines and Sasha Fierce before him, Paul Banks’s alter ego, Julian Plenti, welcomes the opportunity for the Interpol frontman to do something different. Yet aside from growing a weak mustache, Julian Plenti continues Interpol’s signature blend of bass throb and crypto-lyrics, engaging in a mysterious monotony that paints Paul Banks by the numbers (minus the Young-ian guitar solo of “Fly By Night”). For those convinced that Banks’s lyricism makes him the Ludlow Street Bukowski, Julian Plenti has, excuse me, plenty of “subway she is a porno”-type breakthroughs. Revel in the sleazy come-on “You taste just like a river” off the queasy “Games for Days”—it’s practically made for wearing aviators at night. With I’m In You.

Tue., Nov. 24, 8 p.m., 2009

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