L Train Twitter Tales: “This Car Reeks of So Much Weed That Even I Need Air.”


When it comes to L Train service, Williamsburg’s skinny-jean choked underground thoroughfare, you never know what sort of experience you’ll encounter. One week the justifiably irate Transit Union will call for two “Days of Outrage” and you’re stuck at the Third Avenue station on a Monday, informed via loudspeaker that you’ll be standing there for the next 45 minutes. The next, it’s a Saturday afternoon and you’re schlepping from the Lorimer stop’s snaky tunnels to a slushy corner, waiting for a herky-jerky shuttle-bus to arrive, eventually. But there is one factor you can feasibly rely on any given L Train commute: someone posting 140 characters or less about the ride to their 39 followers on Twitter. A quick search for the last few days yielded just the sort of sassy mini-monologues you’d come to expect from “the hipster train.” To wit:

To which we notice at least one other consequences–changing your last name to adverb.

Even Liquid Chaz, he of the red women’s sunglasses and skintight American Apparel tee.

Spotted: Gossip Girl vernacular adopted into everyday life.

Dude, you have 140 characters! Use them.

Speaks for itself.

The residue of a 1000 ironic pompadours.

Just read his username.

Any chance he looked like this?