Land of Talk


In a perfect world, Montreal three-piece Land of Talk would rule Canada’s indie landscape with an iron fist. Yet their career remains a waltz around success—for every mammoth step forward the band takes (getting signed to Saddle Creek), sudden tragedy forces them to take a step backwards. In recent years, the stumbling block has been front woman Liz Powell’s battle with throat surgery—her fiery yelp is the centerpiece of the Bonnie Raitt-like power ballad “It’s Okay,” and burns insouciantly through the group’s harder tracks. Poised to play this year like it’s their very last, EP Fun and Laughter shows the band’s caged heat. Observe the muscular game face of the “The Man Who Breaks Things” and buy enough merch to help Powell quit her second job: A pinch hitter for Broken Social Scene. With Surprise Me Mr. Davis and North Highlands.

Sat., Nov. 21, 8:30 p.m., 2009