Marc Christian Update


I was recently startled to read that Marc Christian–the lover of movie god Rock Hudson and the guy who successfully sued Hudson’s estate, saying the star had made him potentially susceptible to AIDS–had died recently.

Oh, yeah, I read it right here!

Well, unless I’m being hoaxed, I have some updated info on the subject. A writer named Pat Broeske confirmed to me Marc passed away several months ago. [June 2, according to one commenter.]

Wrote Pat, “The memorial service wasn’t held until July 26 at Marc’s home in Los Angeles. It was given by Marc’s sister, Susan Dahl, and Marc’s friend Brent Beckwith.

“Turns out the reason the death wasn’t reported is that Marc went by the name Marc Christian MacGinnis. (Ah! That explains why the other reporter couldn’t confirm death, when I tipped her to the news…) And, yes, those close to him did want to keep the news under the radar.

Anyway, perhaps this will help to clarify some things.”

Thanks, Pat! I’ve reached out to Marc’s sister for the details about his passing–was it from pneumonia, as more than one insider has said?–and I’m waiting for a response.