Aimed to send shivers down your spine, Brian Evenson‘s new book Baby Leg begins, “Night after night, Kraus dreamt of a woman with a normal leg and a baby leg. In the dream, she clomped about on her adult-sized knee and the baby leg, wielding an axe, lurching.” Shudder. Tonight, Evenson will be doing an unusual signing—he’ll be dipping his writing hand in blood (or a blood-like substance, anyway) and putting his fingerprints all over your newly purchased copy ($30). The evening is a launch party for the debut release from Tyrant Books, the new arm of the superb literary magazine The New York Tyrant, founded in 2007 by former FSG intern Giancarlo DiTrapano. You can also pick up copies of the new issue of The New York Tyrant, which includes art by Atticus Lish (son of Gordon). Music provided by Doppelganger and Dead Sparrows. And did we mention it’s open bar?

Sat., Nov. 21, 9 p.m., 2009