Tokyo More Gastronimically Acclaimed than Paris; Farming Dream Job Found in Brooklyn


Four Seasons Restaurant co-owner Alex Von Bidder is insisting that Jean Mackenzie, who owns the Four Seasons Caterer in Southampton, change the name of her business so as not to suggest any connection to the restaurant.
[NY Daily News]

Costco has announced that it is no longer carrying Coca-Cola products due to a pricing dispute with the beverage maker. Coca-Cola Co. says it’s committed to working with Costco, which is an important customer.
[Huffington Post]

An upscale Midwood kosher restaurant that closed in May will soon reopen as a kosher soup kitchen, offering Orthodox Jews a five-course fine dining experience with waiter service. The soup kitchen, Masbia, will also have new locations in Williamsburg and Rego Park.
[NY Daily News]

A 26-year-old farmer found her dream job in Brooklyn, as the senior farm assistant at Added Value, an urban farm located opposite the Ikea in Red Hook. She grows tomatoes, peppers, greens, root crops, bean, and herbs. Next year, she’d like to focus on Caribbean crops.
[NY Times]

Tokyo now has more three-Michelin-starred restaurants than Paris. The Michelin Guide gave top billing to 11 restaurants in Tokyo. Paris, home of the Guide, has 10 three-star restaurants.


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