A Catalog of the 13 Different Steamed Buns at Chinatown’s Golden Steamer


Golden Steamer, which opened a few months ago at 143A Mott Street, is a steamed bun, or bao, specialist. In the small kitchen, a man kneads and and rolls the pearly white dough for the buns, which you can purchase hot from the steamer for 70 cents each, or by the eight-pack for about $3.75. But how to choose? There are at least 13 different kinds of bao on offer, both savory and sweet. Don’t miss the pumpkin bao–mildly sweet, squishy, and completely delicious, shown above.

Read on to see the other 12 bao, dissected for your enjoyment.

Chinese sausage bao

Sweet egg custard bao

Gingery chicken and vegetable bao

This jumbo bao carries a higher price tag–$1.25–but contains a meal’s worth of pork, egg, and greens, including Chinese celery.

Sweet lotus seed paste bao

Pork and vegetable bao

Click through for the final six bao.


Mixed whole wheat and white mantao

Sweet red bean paste bao

Roast pork bao

Bao with sweet-and-salty egg yolks

Whole wheat mantou

Plain white mantou