Aggregating the Aggregators


Today’s hot hot stories, brought to you by the blurb jockeys at America’s sexiest news sources!

Huffington Post:

The 18 Biggest lies of Palin’s book.
Some Hemingway filly is topless.
Levi Johnston’s hairy armpit.
Teabagger party turns violent.
Jessica Alba pats herself on the back.
Costco stops carrying Coca Cola?
‘Couples Retreat’ poster in UK removes black couple.

The Daily Beast:

Obama pissed about Afghanistan leaks.
Holder: Don’t fear the ‘coward’ KSM.
Maersk Alabama attacked by pirates — again!
Hillary goes to Afghanistan.
Gitmo won’t close by deadline.
Times reporter gets seven figures for Obama book.
Madoff’s $2million yacht at auction.
Some puff piece on Johnny Depp.


Lydia Hearst is stupid.
Tinsley Mortimer is stupid.
Sen. Robert Byrd is stupid.
Google is stupid.
Donald Trump is stupid.
The Associate Press is stupid.
Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy is stupid.
Carrie Prejean is stupid.
Joe Biden is stupid.