Fake Staten Island Cosmetic Doc Also Gave Epidurals


This guy, Eduard Belfer, was busted in April for giving shots to patients without a medical license. Belfer was telling patients at Staten Island Pain Associates that he was a doctor, which was not the case, and word got to the state education department, which licenses actual practitioners and sent an undercover operative to SIPA, who caught Belfer trying to pull the same stunt.

Belfer’s was originally thought to be solely administering Ristalin, presumably another name for Restylane, a wrinkle filler, for which a pain clinic may seem an odd choice, though it turns out Belfer also owned a hair removal business at the same address as SIPA called BeamPro MediSpa, and was apparently looking to expand his practice into the medical field.

He went further, court papers now show: he also gave three patients epidurals for back pain. His medical training has been suspended, as both Belfer and Dr. Varuzhan Dovlatyan of Pain Associates have been charged with insurance fraud, unauthorized practice of a profession, and scheming to defraud. Dr. Dovlatyan is additionally charged with pretending to give anaesthesia to a patient. They come to court on December 17.