Help Save Jelly NYC’s Pool Parties


The last days of summer at Jelly NYC’s Pool Parties brought the curious sight of New York Senior Senator Chuck Schumer gladhanding hipsters and swaying, like Jay-Z, to the sinuous sounds of Grizzly Bear. Why had Schumer taken such an interest in the Williamsburg waterfront? Because, as he said from the stage at the final Pool Party of the summer, the now-beloved parties were in danger of not returning in 2010–the New York State Parks Department had yet to decide in August whether or not Jelly’s (post-McCarren Park Pool) venue, East River State Park, would be available for shows in the future. They still, apparently, have yet to make up their mind.

Now the promoters are reaching out for support: Schumer, it seems, has not been heard from much lately is very much on board! A Jelly press release gives out his email address and phone number–, and 212-486-4430, respectively–and implores anyone who cares about the now-annual outdoor concert tradition to besiegeassist the senator’s office. Call now, and fight for your right to take off most of your clothes and wallow in the sun while a band you and thousands of your neighbors like plays somewhere off in the picaresque distance. They are trying to take your dodgeball away.