JE Englebert Plans Planned Parenthood-Gosselins-Will Smith Thing


Now, see, here’s why the Voice named club mogul JE Englebert New York’s Best (Self)-Promoter: we just received a release from him in which he annonces, “JE is planning a gala fundraiser for Planned Parenthood at his Suzie Wong saki lounge” inspired, somehow, by “the media frenzy surrounding the failed marriage of Kate and Jon Gosselin.” (“Englebert wonders about the poor children and how they are faring in this marriage debacle.”) Englebert is also “reaching out to couples Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith along with David and Victoria Beckham to be the honorary hosts,” as “both couples have been prime examples of great loving marriages that’s are constantly in the media.” We were going to call Planned Parenthood et alia to confirm, but past experience has taught us, why bother? (The Post got this first, but we’re honored even to be on JE’s D-list; since we spelled his name right, maybe he’ll promote us.)