Liza’s At The Paley! Michael Jackson’s Accuser’s Dad Kills Himself!


Yes, our old pal Liza Minnelli is winding up her arms again and flying over to the Paley Center for an in-person appearance, and you can be part of it for only 25 dazzling dollars ($15 if you’re a member).

It’s happening on November 24th, when the Center will screen the taped version of the Tony winning revue Liza’s at the Palace…, before you can catch it on public TV, and then the lady will emerge onstage all festooned in glittery gratefulness and sparkly gratitude, making you happy that she’s happy you’re happy.

I imagine lovable Liza will talk about her godmother, her Tony, and other stuff, but maybe you can sneak in a question about how she popped up on so many pro-gay marriage protest posters.