Post-Firing, Skeen and Allen & Delancey Trade Accusations


It was inevitable that yesterday’s news of Ryan Skeen’s firing by e-mail would lead to all sorts of he said-he said accusations between Skeen and Dick Friedberg, his boss at Allen & Delancey. Skeen’s follow-up interviews with Grub Street and the Feed didn’t disappoint: the chef told the latter that A&D “was evil,” and severely handicapped by bounced checks, missing credit card tips, and what he described to Grub Street as a “very, very shady” environment.

For his part, Friedberg maintains that Skeen didn’t work enough and went over budget with the food, and says he’s interviewing replacement chefs with “names you could spell backwards,” whatever that means — he’s got a thing for palindromes? Skeen, meanwhile, is considering forsaking New York for more low-profile work in New Jersey, which could be the most fascinating outcome of the whole sorry situation.