Scientists in the Kitchen; the Cadbury Saga Continues


Dr. Nathan Myhrvold has a team of 15 people working to create a 1,500-page cookbook that will cover microbiology, food safety, the physics of heat transfer on the stove and in the oven, and formulas for turning fruit and vegetable juices into gels.
[NY Times]

Following Kraft’s recent unsuccessful bid on British confectioner Cadbury, U.S. rival Hershey and Italian Ferrero International have confirmed that they are considering bidding on the company as well. Reports of a joint bid have also circulated.

Why should restaurant critics be anonymous? According to former Times critic Mimi Sheraton, being recognized can change the service and the food. Upon being spotted, she’s had everything from stale bread to dried-out fish replaced with fresh.
[New Yorker]

The World Food Program’s “Fat Map,” which shows the worldwide distribution of calories, doesn’t illustrate the full breadth of the mis-distribution of food. In India, for example, there are some 300 million people who are overweight and another 300 million starving.
[Huffington Post]