Speaking of Wale, Bon Jovi’s The Circle is #1


Sometimes there’s just not a lot to live for when it comes to the week in record sales. Bon Jovi’s The Circle took #1 with a pretty lackluster 163,000 copies sold (about half of what Carrie Underwood sold last week)–it’s their fourth and most underwhelming #1. Underwood’s Play On is down at #3 (to the tune of 128,000); Andrea Bocelli’s My Christmas traded up to #2 with 136,000 copies to show for its second week out–like we said, it’s gonna be a long fall with these Christmas releases. MJ’s This Is It sticks at #4, good for shipping another 117,000 copies of songs that people probably already own out into the world; Taylor Swift won a bunch of awards at the CMTs last week for an album that’s a year old and did another 91,000 on top of the already quadruple platinum numbers that Fearless has done since its November 2008 release. She is pretty much holding up the music industry by herself right now. Up next? The always entertaining spectacle of a 50 Cent debut week. Those who don’t want to be drawn into a ridiculous and potentially dangerous publicity stunt are advised to remain at least several hundred yards away until this Before I Self Destruct thing blows over. [Billboard]