Tonight! Javelin, Dylan, Big Star, The Dirty Projectors, And Air Waves





So here we have Rhode Island electro-rap duo Javelin, regaling MOMA patrons alongside some sort of anarchist dance collective with an 8-bit-sounding jam titled “Soda Popinski,” named of course after one of the trickier adversaries in Mike Tyson’s Punch Out; such a reference is all that’s really required to get my attention. They bring their stacks of multicolored boomboxes (a/k/a “boombaatas”) to the Monster Island Basement tonight at Todd P’s behest.

Tonight’s big whoop is probably Dylan, still holding forth at United Palace Theatre, or else it’s Big Star at Brooklyn Masonic (look for those power-pop gods to be extra super loud), or else it’s sadly underpublicized BK art-rock titans the Dirty Projectors at Bowery Ballroom. If you need something less intense, try indie-pop trio Air Waves for free at Brooklyn Bowl — their MySpace page currently says “reliable drummer needed,” which we will for once take as non-ironic.