Under Review: Sietsema at New Flushing Quingdao M & T Restaurant


This week in the Voice, Our Man Sietsema marvels at the German and Korean influences at M & T Restaurant, a new Quingdao in Flushing.

Sam Sifton knocks a star off the reinvented Oceana, deeming the new version to be “a high-functioning luxury mill… a very good restaurant. But… not entirely a pleasant one.” [NY Times]

Adam Platt is in agreement about Oceana 2.0, musing, “Will this slightly uneven food translate into Michelin stars? Possibly not. But stars are less important than profits.”
[NY Magazine]

Steve Cuozzo approves of A Voce Columbus, where Chef Missy Robbins “brings rare, exacting discipline to every dish” with a “style [that] celebrates sensuous mouth-feel.”
[NY Post]

Jay Cheshes drops in on opulent, clubby Travertine, where the “service is attentive, if a bit overzealous,” and while the “food’s pretty simple, presentations are intricate.”

Tables for Two has mixed feelings about Quinto Quarto: the “atmospheric space” is excellent. “The pizza-delivery guy who shows up with two large pies for the staff” not.
[New Yorker]

Gael Greene found Tanuki Tavern “wildly noisy,” but felt “quite at home… sharing small plates and handsome big bowls, loving the soba noodles in wasabi broth.”
[Insatiable Critic]