A New Site Will Out Gay Priests!


And there’s a lot of them to out, honey!

Yes, churchouting.org sets out to expose the hypocrisy of Archdiocese of Washington priests who go along with the church’s routine emotional assault on gays while living lives of quiet desperation that involve them having gay sex themselves. (Or even straight sex–the site wants to find ANY priest who’s always on his knees for ANYTHING other than praying.)

And they say their mission is not to drag these guys out of the closet per se, but to get them to work with the site in battling the church’s hierarchical antigay stance and to fight for gay marriage equality.

I sincerely doubt that the outed priests will suddenly say, “Hey! Let’s work together and change the church from within,” but what the hell, it’s worth a try.

So click on the site and start listing the multitude of priests YOU’VE had sex with. As their motto says, “Silence=Sin.”