#acornfacts Becomes Thing, But Cannot Replace Semi-Nudity


So this is how those “meme” things get started: reporter Dave Weigel, responding to some recent ACORNmania, tweets (with a tip of the hat to the Stonecutters and Steve Guttenberg), “FACT: ACORN rigged the 1993 Oscars for Marisa Tomei. #acornfacts.” Then, a few more. Suddenly it’s an avalanche (“62% of Kris Allen’s American Idol votes came from ACORN,” “ACORN rigged it so 4 out of 5 dentists agree”), getting further and further afield of the original metaphor (“ACORN only calls when you are on the throne,” “ACORN laughed during ‘Brian’s Song'”) and becoming a trending Twitter topic. Even ACORN itself got into it, if humorlessly (“Real #ACORNFACTS: What really caused the financial collapse. Predatory Lending”).

By dinnertime, the energy will have shifted back to #funnybutnotcool. Now, on to real news: “Alexandra Kerry’s see through dress and Alexandra Kerry booked for drunk driving.” Uncle Walter would be so proud!

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