An Early Look at East Village Asian Dessert Place, Spot: Serving Ovaltine Ice Cream, Chinese Walnut Cookies


This week, Ace Watanasuparp and Chai Huadwattana opened Spot, a modern Asian dessert bar on St. Marks, with Pichet Ong as consulting chef. Last night, they were offering six different “seasonal dessert tapas,” like white miso semifreddo and jackfruit cake with rum toffee. To-go options included cupcakes (flavors like chocolate-apricot-green tea, and vanilla-almond-coconut), several cookies, and a slew of ice creams and sorbets, including Vietnamese coffee ice cream, and passion fruit-banana sorbet.

The ice cream has a wonderful texture–silken and dense. The Ovaltine flavor (above) tasted just like the malted chocolate drink. One scoop is $3, plus 65 cents per topping, of which there are many to choose from, some so esoteric that you can’t immediately understand what they are: chocolate pearls, chocolate and green tea soil, green Thai jewels, and so on. “Walnut soil” turned out to be ground walnuts, which provided a nice textural contrast with the limpid ice cream.

Read on to check out a cookie.

The Chinese walnut cookie is great, with a thin, chewy-crispy texture and a brown-sugary taste, shot through with gigantic walnuts.

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