Bostonians Revolt Against Shake Shack Invasion; Mickey D’s Goes Upscale


Ruth “Ruthie” Collock West of the Ruthie’s Soul Food restaurants died Nov. 12 at age 75. The North Carolinian moved to Brooklyn after finishing school and worked her way up from waitress to restaurateur.
[NY Post]

Not everyone is pleased about Danny Meyer’s plan for a Boston outpost of Shake Shack. Some say the proposed location, on Boston Common, should go to a different restaurateur who wants to open a New England-style seafood stand called the Common House.
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A McDonald’s in Chelsea has undergone a European-style makeover that features Danish Modern furniture, flat-screen TVs, free Wi-Fi, and a staff in all-black uniforms. The franchise’s owner says customers now linger over lunch.

Edible walls are metal panels filled with soil and seeds and hung vertically. Like green roofs, they include a thick layer of vegetation on the outside of buildings to provide insulation and reduce heating costs. They also produce fruit, vegetables, and herbs.
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