Cops, MTA Meet Council on Subway Sex Harassers; Cell Phones, “Wall of Shame” Suggested


A few days ago we noticed councilmember Jessica Lappin has a bill going that would require NYPD to “report on complaints of harassment in the transit system.” Looks like things are going her way: today the council’s transportation, women’s issues and public safety committees met with officials from NYPD and the MTA to talk about harassment in the subway, and it sounds like the cops, at least, are on board. James P. Hall, head of the NYPD transit bureau, said sexual harrassment is the “No. 1 quality of life offense on the subway”…

The meeting also revealed that harassment arrests are down and incidents are up, though slightly, from last year to this. Councilmember Peter Vallone suggested a “wall of shame” showing perps’ faces, sort of like what they did with shoplifters last year at the Staten Island Mall.

Vallone also wants schoolgirls to carry cell phones to take perps’ photos; maybe he can work with Holla Back on that. In fact, it might not be a bad idea to involve New Yorkers for Safe Transit and other groups who have been fighting this stuff for years, and to redirect subway police attention from buskers to gropers.

We continue to do our part, exposing subway masturbators and frotteurs whenever we hear of them.