Jorge Steven Lopez Murder Update: “Gay Panic” Will Be The Defense


You’ve been reading here about the brutal murder of young Jorge Steven Lopez in Puerto Rico, which appears to have been committed by a 26-year-old father of four named Juan Martinez Matos.

And his rationale?

Well–as the attached piece on edge.com details–it seems Matos hit up Lopez for sex on a prosite-filled street and was disturbed to find Lopez was actually a man. So he decapitated, dismembered, burned, and discarded him. God, in The Crying Game, the guy only vomited!

The “gay panic” defense is the tiredest of all, but it fits in tidily with a case where a police agent made offensive remarks and the world media was slow to even mention the whole incident.

By the way, the rally that’s been organized around this tragedy is confirmed for 5PM this Sunday at Hudson Pier 45 at Christopher Street.