Now Giuliani is Supposed to Be Running for the Senate


The Daily News, apparently not wanting to be left out, reports that “sources” tell them Rudolph Giuliani, who is allegedly done with his speculative gubernatorial run, “will run for U.S. Senate instead.” Politico’s got it; so has Talking Points Memo; aaaaand it’s in play!…

AP, echoing a no doubt widespread sentiment, asks, “Is Giuliani in or out of New York governor’s race? We’d say out, and maybe pissed that someone didn’t make the embargo on the news clear enough to the Times (which may have rushed the second leak about the Senate). The two revelations sound much more flattering when made together. The new conventional wisdom: “Is Giuliani Out For Governor And In For Senate?”

The Awl, on the other hand, says “the former mayor will instead devote his energies to fearmongering on the terrorism issue and popping up occasionally to remind everyone just how unpleasant he actually is.” Well, we suppose he can multitask.

Upchuckdate: “When Mayor Giuliani makes a decision about serving in public office,” says Giuliani spokesperson Maria Comella, “he will inform New Yorkers on his own.” No doubt in his customary fashion.

Oh, he’s also threatening (via sources) to run for President if he wins.