So Whatever Happened to “Obama Fried Chicken” Marquee in the Latest Clipse Video?


It became a blank yellow facade, according to Brokelyn. Unsanitized YouTube clips and the like show the proper Brownsville marquee, but the MTV version has been conspicuously scrubbed. Why? “It is possible that MTV erased the Obama Fried Chicken sign for the same two reasons networks typically pixilate brand cameos: they 1) don’t want to run afoul of copyright laws or 2) don’t want to give free advertising.” Or, alternately, they don’t want to air what is arguably a weird racist concept for a restaurant name out in the badlands of America, where thousands more imitators and/or franchises might spawn. Could happen all too easily, you know. Still confused about the basic idea of the Clipse shooting videos in Brooklyn, but whatever. [Brokelyn/Previously]