Tech News: First Tweets, Captioned YouTube, Parking Spot Finder, Commenter Loses Job


Put your Twitter username in My First Tweet and they’ll display your initial message to the Twitterverse. Yeah, for most of us it’s just a matter of scrolling, and if you put in one of the big names you get a “Too Many Tweets” error. Still it’s new, tech, and wastes time, so we thought you should know.

Google announces it will soon caption YouTube videos for the hearing impaired. It’s using Google’s speech recognition technology, so expect some humorous misreadings, but all told a big plus. And for added human interest, it was developed by a deaf engineer

Using Twitter or text messages, Roadify will help you find parking spots if you live in a certain section of Park Slope, and hopes to spread out with success. Users gets “points” for identifying parking spots, and use them to get spots for themselves.

Now the bad news: internet comments can cost you your job. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch site had an article about “the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten,” and someone inevitably said pussy. For some reason the site’s social media director got the poster’s IP address and notified the local school from which the comment came. The school found the employee who made the comment, ReadWriteWeb reports, and confronted him, whereupon he “resigned.” So along with getting the FBI called on you and being publicly humiliated, you have that to worry about. Back to yelling things in the street and running!