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Why Do Hotels Add Extra Expenses To Your Bill? | Village Voice

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Why Do Hotels Add Extra Expenses To Your Bill?


Let me effortlessly answer that right away: To scam extra bucks!

Whenever I’ve checked out of a hotel, the bill usually reflects the fact that they have arbitrarily added extra charges, hoping you won’t notice them or you won’t get too alienated if you do.

They’ll charge you for room service you didn’t order, valet parking you didn’t use, and a minibar you didn’t open.

The other day I checked out of an Atlantic City swankfest and found that they had correctly included one of my expenses on the bill, but just for fun they’d pretty much doubled it!

(Funny, their “mistakes” never seem to work in your favor.)

Clearly, the hotel managers feel that if they do this to everyone, even if nine out of 10 people call them on it, the other 10%–who are rushing off to their next destination or who are expensing everything and don’t care much–will make for extra millions in the hotel’s coffers in the long run.

It’s a disgraceful practice, and you’ve got to be super vigilant about it.

Word to the wise: Don’t drop your key in the Express Checkout box! A month later, your credit card bill will list all sorts of mystery charges and you’ll be scrambling to find receipts to back up your case.

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