Out Magazine Responds To Adam Lambert’s Response!


Let’s recap: Out magazine blew the whistle on Adam Lambert‘s handlers for various demands they made so that he wouldn’t come across “too gay” in the magazine.

Lambert fired back with remarks on ew.com saying the mag had crossed the line.

And now, here’s Out‘s response to the response:

“We’ve no desire to prolong this discussion, but whether or not we crossed a line in throwing light on the conversations that preceded Adam’s cover shoot and interview, we’re glad to see such a robust and spirited debate. We admire Adam’s achievements, which is why we honored him as Breakout Star of the Year, but using the editor’s letter to discuss the old school tactics in the way he is marketed and promoted was important for an annual issue that celebrates gay progress–the Out 100.

“In his interview with Entertainment Weekly, Adam says, ‘the letter that Aaron wrote is holding us back. Because it’s recognizing the big difference as opposed to letting us all ignore preference and just be people.’ We’re glad he’s sees sexuality that way. So do we–it’s why we were so dismayed by his management whose actions reinforced those distinctions rather than erased them. This was never about turning Adam into a political figure, or about whether he should have been on the cover of Rolling Stone first (of course he should-what pop star wouldn’t want that?).

“It was, however, about challenging the double standard applied to gay and mainstream media, or to use Adam’s words, moving past those distinctions between gay and straight. As this controversy erupted a young gay man was murdered in Puerto Rico precisely by the kind of people who refuse to see past sexual preferences, and while we know that such hatred offends Adam as much as it does us, we hope his fans will consider the relationship between slurs such as ‘too gay’ and the second class status-yes, a form of apartheid-of gays in America. Adam is not required to address this cruel and lethal discrepancy–he does enough by being himself–but was it too much for us to expect his managers, with or without Adam’s consent, to treat Out with the same respect they would treat mainstream media?”