Post: Wimpy New Yorkers Will Set KSM Free


Conservatives claim that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and other terror trial defendants will be set free by liberal judges directed by Muslim Hitler Obama. Most normal people do not believe this, so a secondary talking point has been cooked up: the evil liberal people of New York are too evil and liberal to kill KSM once they begrudgingly convict him. The Post runs a Tom Hays story that ledes, “New York juries are often loath to impose the death penalty, even for terrorists” and — perhaps afraid of outraging all of his readers right off the bat — offers a kind-sounding explanation: that they might do so “out of fear of making a martyr out of Mohammed.” Nonetheless the first Post commenter gets the message: “This killer will walk if allowed to be judged by liberal New Yorkers!”

We expect stiff competition between this meme and the “Barack Obama is willing to risk the safety and security of New Yorkers for his political agenda” meme, and hope the former wins out. We grew tired long ago of rubes pretending to give a shit about New York, and encourage anything that brings them back to their traditional contempt.