See Madonna’s Boy Toy In Person!


Jesus Luz, the comely young Brazilian whom Madonna has taken under her wondrous wing, is going places. To the Maritime Hotel’s Hiro ballroom, to be precise.

Jesus will be doing a Celebrity DJ gig there this Saturday night and you’re all free to pay your way in and gawk at him. Hey, maybe Madge will be there too, buzzing into his ear, “Play ‘Borderline’!”

Whatever the case, it seems as if Madonna has been promoting the guy with a wonderful noblesse that suits her happier, nicer phase. He’s even got some modeling work going on thanks to his connection with the superstar (and his sizzling looks, of course–that always helps). But one wonders: If the guy really makes it big, will Madonna still love him? Or will she roll her eyes and go, “Oh, Jesus!”

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