Songs That Evoke Places in Your Life


Ever hear an old song and get instantly transported to a particular place in the cobwebs of your mind, whether it be your first bar or the
restaurant your boyfriend dumped you at between courses?

Lord knows any oldie at all plucks MY personal strings and immediately conjures up a place and time, since I’ve been through so darned many of them through the years.

Blondie‘s “Heart of Glass” calls back the Mudd Club, the ultra cool new-wave hangout where everyone’s shit didn’t stink.

Madonna‘s “Hung Up” revivifies some madcap groping in the corners of Happy Valley, the East Side dance club where anything went.

And Lady Gaga‘s “Just Dance” was in the background when I got two teeth pulled last year, so I always scream and clutch someone, eyes a-popping, when I hear it.

And you? Name the soundtrack to your memory bank.