Week in Review: Like a Sexy Swedish Chick in a Natural Mineral Sauna


In the week Chuck Schumer became a bike-riding, Williamsburg Pool Party-saving hipster man of the people, we roamed far and wide over his most precious borough, from an Obama Fried Chicken in Brownsville to the very likely defunct N8 to the very doorstep of Norah Jones’ no-longer-windowless Cobble Hill Brownstone. Like Cam’ron, we did most of it on the 3 train.

Here are 10 amazing quotes from Coolio’s new cookbook, Cookin’ with Coolio. Don’t say we never did anything for you.

“You’re all so hammered you don’t give a fuck what I say,” was pretty much the catchphrase at this year’s MTV Woodies; it probably would’ve worked for this bonkers Billy Corgan psychoanalysis session at the Rubin Museum, too. You didn’t need drugs and or alcohol to appreciate tUnE-YaRdS, who pulled the rare feat of upstaging the Dirty Projectors at their own MHOW show. Big Star were a mess at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple but in a good way; Shrinebuilder, a band with nearly as many cumulative years in a parallel metal universe, went for something similar at Le Poisson Rouge. And whatever happened to 105 Riv? It became CV. Maybe hit an ATM before you order the vodka-pineapple.

Annie came clean to us about an exceedingly bad breakup with Island records. Fool’s Gold’s Luke Top copped to having a day job. And Real Estate’s Martin Courtney has actually sold real estate, somehow. Elsewhere, we premiered the epic chamber-pop new single from Brooklyn’s Silent League; Oneohtrix Point Never was also kind enough to pass along his new “Zones Without People.”

Vampire Weekend premiered first a new song, “Cousins,” then the video to that song, which featured some conspicuously familiar street art. That’s local tape-art guy Aakash Nihalani, right? Nope, said Nihalani; he felt somewhat violated by the whole thing.

Plus catching up with Blake Schwarzenbach’s forgetters, the Velvet Underground reunion that’s no really a proper reunion at all, Daft Punk, beheaded, the sad story of the city’s 134th Subway Restaurant, the porny new Yeasayer website, 50 Cent singing “Kumbaya,” Obits on Fallon, MJ’s socks for sale, and more, below. We’re back on Monday.