Which Movies Are Terribly Underrated?


I’ll tell you some I feel deserve better reps.

*The Sound of Music Yes, I know the 1965 musical won Oscars and made shitloads of money, but some critics (and costar Christopher Plummer) look down on it as if it were nothing but hokey treacle. But the film works for me, from the second you see Julie Andrews spinning around the Alps, all the way through the way the kids foil the those horrid Nazis. Anyone who disagrees can shut their von Trapps!

Shadowboxer. Not everyone was captivated by the idea of hit woman Helen Mirren doing it with Cuba Gooding Jr, but to me, that was just one of many genius things about this weird little thriller. As proof of my astuteness in appreciating the film, the director, Lee Daniels, went on to do Precious, thank you.

*I Heart Huckabees. David O. Russell’s all-star, mazelike 2004 comedy led by a pair of wacky married life detectives was underappreciated in its time–and it still is! But I heart this film.

Your choices for most undervalued epics?