Quick hits


Police find 61 pounds of cocaine in a sauna in Brooklyn

A judge ruled that the TLC can use license fees to encourage green cabs. State Court Justice Jane Solomon decided against taxi fleet owners who were suing to stop a new rule which allows fleet owners to charge drivers an additional $3 for diesel and hybrid cabs.

Thirty five children, aged 4 and 5, on a school trip were rescued from a burning bus on the Verrazano Bridge yesterday. The Staten Island-bound bus burst into flames at the toll plaza. burning bus

After a number of recent high-profile failures of the new 911, firefighters won their battle with the city over the new Unified Response system. Dispatchers from the fire department will now be consulting with the police operators who take the emergency calls to ensure that directions are accurate. The new system will stay in place until the PDNY and FDNY say it isn’t necessary any more.