Obama’s replacement admonished by Senate Ethics Committee


The Senate Ethics Committee admonished appointed lame duck Roland Burris for his incomplete testimony to an Illinois investigation into his dealings with the office of then-Governor Rod Blagojevich about his possible appointment to the Senate.

The Ethics Committee, which reported that it saw no evidence that rose to the level of justifying an expulsion or censure, also said that Burris “should have known that you were providing incorrect, inconsistent, misleading or incomplete information to the public, the Senate, and those conducting legitimate inquiries into your appointment to the Senate,” and that his “shifting explanations about your sworn statements appear less than candid,”

In a press release which refers to him as “a key member of the Democratic caucus,” Burris’ office announced that “the Senate Ethics Committee outlined the specific areas of concern that it investigated, and conclusively found no “actionable violations of the law” occurred.”

A copy of the Public Letter of Qualified Admonition is here (pdf).