Quick hits


According to the News, Mayor Bloomberg made his Democratic opponent formulate plans to deal with emergencies Bloomberg knew didn’t exist. He also delayed the release of the fetching photo at left until after the election, despite an FOIA request.

John Brek, the Newark Airport security guard who was arrested in October when coworkers reported to police that he threatened to shoot President Obama, cut him up and feed him to animals, was sentenced to time served after pleading guilty to two counts of harassment.

The Senate voted 60-39 along strict party lines yesterday to allow debate on the healthcare bill. Harry Reid said he passed the news along to Victoria Kennedy, who cried. Lieberman and Nelson, to the great surprise of absolutely no-one who’s been paying attention, immediately came out against it.

In other Kennedy news, Thomas Tobin, the Roman Catholic bishop of Rhode Island, challenged Rep. Patrick Kennedy over Kennedy’s claim in the Providence Journal that the bishop ordered him not to receive communion, and priests not to offer it to him, within his diocese. The bishop, who has publicly urged Kennedy to refrain from Communion voluntarily, says he “has never addressed matters relative to public officials receiving Holy Communion with pastors of the diocese.” Tobin and Kennedy are at odds over Kennedy’s stance on abortion.