Rudy for Senate: he won’t say, aides say no


After parading his somewhat tarnished national security street cred, ruling out a gubernatorial run and floating a run at the Senate, America’s former Mayor has gone to ground in Florida and isn’t talking. His aides, on the other hand, say the Senate isn’t big enough for him.

Giuliani intimates told, among other people, US News, the Daily News, Politico and TNR (those last two got named sources) that His former Honor is not planning to challenge freshman Senator Kirsten Gillibrand because the Senate isn’t big enough for him. Elizabeth Benjamin had roughly the same story last Monday, before the big Guy Molinari Republican Club dinner on Staten Island.

A recent Marist poll put Giuliani ahead of Gillibrand in a hypothetical matchup by 54-40. He trails Andrew Cuomo for Governor in a similar matchup 53-43.

Once again, Giuliani faced questions about his political future by heading for Florida. He and his wife Judi spent the weekend in Palm Springs, playing golf and not answering questions.