Curry Hill Gets a “Handcrafted Indian” Restaurant for “Post-Modernist” New Yorkers


Kalustyan’s expansion isn’t the only change to Curry Hill’s storefronts: a new restaurant called Cinnamon Grill is opening in the former Coconut Grove space at 106 Lexington Avenue.

Billing its food as “handcrafted Indian cuisine,” the restaurant already seems to have a website that lists its entire menu. Much of it looks to be somewhat conventional fare — daal, palak paneer, chicken tikka masala — but there are some Indo-Chinese dishes, like a hot and sour soup and fried rice with Shechzwan sauce. The website, which curiously contains a phone number and hours for the as-yet-unopened restaurant, certainly does its best to raise expectations, proclaiming that “Cinnamon serves only the best Indo-Asian gourmet food adding a zing of its exotic flavor to every post-modernist New Yorker,” taking “your traditional Indian experience — well…to a higher level.” Post-modernist New Yorkers, consider yourselves served, with zing.