Martha Denies Feud with Rachael, Wishes Her “Yum-O” Thanksgiving


Martha Stewart is backtracking on comments made about Rachael Ray on Nightline last week. After appearing on Ray’s show, then having Ray on the Martha Stewart Show to teach her how to bake (and, apparently, taunt her about not being invited to P. Diddy’s birthday party), Stewart went on Nightline saying that Ray was more of an “entertainer than… a teacher.” Ray responded by, of all things, agreeing, which seems to have improved Ray’s likability, while reducing Martha’s. The homemaking maven opened today’s show (featuring Ray’s fellow Food Network star, Emeril Lagasse) with this:

“I just want to take this opportunity just to address some comments that are circulating on the internet regarding me and Rachael Ray. And just for the record there are no bad feelings between us, nor have there ever been… I applaud Rachael for her enthusiastic approach to cooking, and I really had a great time being a guest on her show, and it was a lot of fun to have her on this show making pie with me, too. And come on back, Rachael, anytime you want. And I hope you have a Yum-o Thanksgiving [giggles].”

It appears that Martha had a hankering for a little humble pie of her own. As for Ray, she reportedly sent Puffy a diamond cuff, ensuring her place on his guest list next year.

[via Eat Me Daily]