More Albany Special Sessions! Deficit Cuts (Or At Least More Nanny Laws) This Time for Sure!


The first round of special sessions of the Albany legislature didn’t produce much; the second produced Leandra’s Law but none of the budget-cutting that was allegedly the reason for the sessions. So far they’ve spent half a million just having the special sessions.

But third time’s the charm! They go back at it today, and this time there’s “Pressure on NY Lawmakers to Tackle Deficit,” says WCAX. Why didn’t we think of that before?

Good luck. Even legislators from conservative Staten Island are warning Governor Paterson off his cuts to health services and education, which would “disproportionately affect those who government should be helping first and foremost,” says South Shore assemblyman Lou Tobacco. And he’s a Republican! So the Governor is trying to make it worth legislators’ while — even as he blasts them in public — by proposing nannyish measures, passage of which will make them look effective, such as a plan to extend school hours to 6 p.m., which he says will curb juvenile delinquency by keeping the little bastards occupied during the 3-to-6-p.m. prime crime hours.

Fred Dicker says these people all hate each other, but we think his sources mischaracterize the normal spats seen among partners in a money-making enterprise, especially in times of stress.

Don’t expect much cutting this session — but hey, how about that Leandra’s Law, eh? We’re leading the nation in DUI legislation! The new sessions begin today at 2 p.m.