New York America’s 256th Most Dangerous City


CQ Press, which apparently does this every year, has listed the 393 most dangerous U.S. cities with populations over 70,000 based on FBI statistics. Camden, New Jersey is #1, replacing last year’s winner, New Orleans, which plummeted to sixth place (but then, they had an asterisk in 2008); New York, New York is #256, rising slightly from #259 last year, but still far enough down to avoid much being made of it.

The Empire State claims the safest city of size on the list: Colonie, a suburb of Albany. Amherst, Ramapo, Clarkstown, and Greece are also among the 20 safest on CQ’s list…

St. Louis, Missouri and Oakland, California place and show for dangertowns. St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay calls CQ’s listing “stupid.” WFMJ reports that Youngstown, Ohio, 15th most dangerous last year, did not have a ranking this year as it has lost sufficient population (presumably by murder) that it failed to meet the size qualification.

Reading, Pennsylvania is #37 with a bullet, so to speak, having risen from #63 since last year. Miami Gardens, Florida, dropped in danger from #13 in 2008 to #35.