Queens Man Says Alter-Ego Killed Wife, Kid


A middle-aged woman and her teenage son were found stuffed inside a bedroom closet with their throats slit yesterday, police reported. The woman’s husband, Otto Herrarte , of Corona, Queens, allegedly told police at the crime scene that the killer was his alter-ego, Roberto, who lived inside of him.

Otto Herrarte , a Manhattan hotel cleaner, claimed that he was only the accomplice to the murder committed by Roberto; after Roberto committed the murders, he went to the corner store to buy black plastic bags and duct tape with which he wrapped their bodies. The murdered individuals were identified as Edna Herarte, 55, and her fourteen-year-old son Daniel…

The murders occurred on Friday morning, but the bodies stayed hidden in the closet until Sunday, when Herrarte’s mistress found them and called the cops. When Herrarte’s other teenage son, David, returned home on Friday night to ask about the whereabouts of his mother and brother, Herrarte concocted a an elaborate lie: “He said they had been in a car accident and wouldn’t be coming home,” NYPD spokesman Paul Browne told the Daily News. “The son was unaware the bodies were in the apartment.”

On Saturday morning, says the Post, Herrarte called a female co-worker he was dating and asked her to join him as he brought David to the home of a sister-in-law. Once inside the home, Herrarte told David, “This is going to be your new mother.” (This is according to relatives).

Herrarte has worked for 19 years at the Doubletree Metropolitan Hotel at 51st and Lexington. He also works as a cleaner at the New York Helmsley Hotel in Midtown. Relatives and co-workers that knew the couple described Herrarte as an authoritarian, abusive husband, who rarely spoke about his home life. He is charged with two counts of murder.